SnOw DaYs…

28 Jan

I never signed up for “A Complaint Free World”.  Which is good, because now I am freed up to complain about snow days.  I don’t think I would have much to complain about if I didn’t shoot myself in the foot and marry a teacher.

So here we are at home…me keeping my fingers crossed that patients will cancel (I’m not supposed to admit that) and him…doing…a whole lot of nothing.  I’m jealous.  And I shouldn’t really say he does nothing.  Because he does stuff–work stuff, house stuff…but the important factor is he is doing this stuff AT HOME.  While I am AT WORK.  

Granted, by noon, when I have to be at work, it is supposed to be raining.  So, realistically there is no reason why people should cancel.  But when other people aren’t working, it is like a disease and I feel like I should not be working either.

I feel that snow days, much like summer vacations, is a tradition that should be carried over into adulthood.  All in favor?


2 Responses to “SnOw DaYs…”

  1. Mike January 28, 2009 at 10:11 am #

    Yeah, I married a teacher, too. She’s home. I’m not. Ugh.

  2. michgal18 January 28, 2009 at 7:47 pm #

    I’m so over it! He said to me this morning “I haven’t had a full week since we got back from Christmas break”. Well. That’s just great for you. I don’t have a day off until MAY.

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