I’m pregnant, how are you?

4 May

OK, so I have been slacking on blogs.  I know it.  I am sorry.  I don’t know why…or maybe I do.  I’m pregnant…and it seems like no matter what happens in my day-to-day life the baby trumps all–and I kinda thought no one needed to be bored with my pregnancy blog.  But apparently some people DO need to bored with my pregnancy blog!  So, take it or leave it, this is all I got.  

Here are some “fun” facts about being pregnant.  If you have already been pregnant, just reminisce.  If you haven’t been pregnant, just be prepared for what will one day come your way.

1.  The baby, which right now is 3 inches long, makes you crazy.  I am talking laughing one second and crying/screaming/ranting mad the next.  I don’t like it…it is so not my thing, which makes it even more frustrating when, while cleaning the bathroom, you hit your head, which results in you trying to punch a hole in the wall with the mop and then sobbing on the couch and then being fine–all in about a 60 second span.  Not that that happened to me, or anything.  Just a random example

2.  Having no control of your emotions makes you crazy.  So, not only are you already crazy, but being crazy makes you more crazy.  It’s a lose/lose situation, really.

3.  Having no control of your body makes you crazy.  You can see where I am going here…crazy, crazy, crazy!  You can’t wait to actually LOOK pregnant, but when the first person calls you out on being pregnant, it’s all you can do not to lose it (see #1).  

OK, I’m exaggerating for the sake of the blog.  I am not crazy all of the time…just some of the time!  But honestly, coming to the end of my first trimester, I really have NOTHING to complain about.  If it weren’t for the (exaggerated) #1-3, I wouldn’t even really know anything was going on with me.  This baby has been the most cooperative house guest I have ever had!  

It’s funny how different it is when YOU are the pregnant one.  I mean, pretty much every one of my friends has been pregnant in the past couple of years.  And I am always so excited and amazed when a baby shows up on the scene 9 (10) months later.  But when it’s you….I mean, there is a PERSON inside MY person!!  If I stop to think about it, it is truly mind-boggling that you can create another person inside your body.  I know, this is the whole premise of reproduction–but there is a PERSON inside me.  It blows my mind.  And it blows my mind that soon, this little person will be looking like us, and acting like us, and be one of us!  

Look out world, here comes a mini-me!!

2 Responses to “I’m pregnant, how are you?”

  1. Kristen May 4, 2009 at 6:50 pm #

    Well waited for and well appreciated.
    I don’t know…I’m kinda looking forward to a mini-Michelle (or Christopher!). Seriously. Reality is, you’re going to be fabulous. And by the way, I see you almost every day of my life…and just today I noticed “something” different. It was a good thing, I guess, too! You go, Mama! I like this journey…..

  2. Tara May 7, 2009 at 7:25 pm #

    I am so happy for you Michelle! You have so much more craziness to look forward to. One afternoon when Christian was a few days old we were napping together. We were both sound asleep and Chip thought this would be a good time to take the baby downstairs to visit with family. He was trying to be helpful, but honestly I nearly killed him. I thought my newborn had been kidnapped while I slept. I had a full blown panic attack in front of the whole fam. It was NOT pretty and VERY CRAZY!

    Can’t wait untill you feel that little person move for the first time….AMAZING.

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