Ok…so there’s a person in my belly!

12 May

This is totally turning into a pregnancy blog.  I tried to avoid it…but then there would be no blog at all!

So, a funny thing has happened in the last week or so–I’m starting to get a little bump.  Well, I started getting a mush about a month ago, but it is slowly morphing into a bump.  The bump makes me feel a LOT better than the mush.  The mush made me feel fat.  The bump makes me feel pregnant. 

Here I am–14 and a half weeks in…and I think I have finally realized that THERE IS A PERSON IN MY BELLY.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve been saying that for a while…but it is really starting to hit me.  THERE IS A PERSON IN MY BELLY.  Sorry, I have to say it alot to help it sink in.  

I have started to pack up the office to turn it into the nursery.  As I am taking the books off the shelves, I take a deep breath and my husband asks me what is wrong.  I say “We’re having a baby”, and he looks at me like I am crazy.  But something about the bump and the packing makes this all the more real.  The first trimester seems to be the time to transition into understanding that things are changing.  It happens slowly so as not to shock you.  The first trimester just keeps knocking gently on the door to remind you THERE’S A PERSON IN YOUR BELLY.  So far, the second trimester is a little bit more of an insistent visitor.  The second trimester is saying “I don’t think you’ve quite believed me so far, so I’m gonna give you this bump to remind you THERE’S A PERSON IN YOUR BELLY.”  

I’m going to be a mom.  My husband is going to be a dad.  We are going to be a family.  Does it get any better than that?  I don’t think so…

One Response to “Ok…so there’s a person in my belly!”

  1. omawarisan May 17, 2009 at 6:13 am #

    Oh, it gets better. It gets newer and better every year. I had no idea how that was possible, I am still amazed nearly 17 years into being a parent. You’ll see! Congrats to you both!

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