My Name is Michelle and I’m an Addict…

18 Feb

You are probably asking yourself what I could possibly be addicted to? To my little boy.  Seriously.  I was driving today with him in my lap his carseat in the back and it hit me.  I realized that I really wanted to get home to get him out of his car seat so we could play.  Then the revelation: Carson is like baby crack and I can’t get me enough of my baby crack! 

I am pretty sure the impending return to work is really cranking up this addiction.  I know there is only 10 days left (10 days!!!  WhenTF did that happen???) and I know I will never have time like this with him again.  So, I am really, REALLY soaking up every minute of him.  We had a little furnace issue last night and the little man had to come to bed with us at 3:30 to keep warm.  While there was part of me that was concerned about the broken furnace (don’t worry, all fixed!), the bigger part of me was elated to have Carson in bed with me a little bit longer than usual. 

Here are some other things that leave me craving more: 

  • chubby little legs
  • chubby little neck area where his neck should be
  • changing dipes–I KNOW!  I am addicted to changing dipes!  One of Carson’s favorite places is on the changing table.  Good times to be had on the changing table!!
  • nudie boy–Carson loves to be nudie boy!
  • baby chameleon eyes
  • Carson smell
  • the hair on his head, and his little bald spots
  • his “bang” which consists of one hair, about 3 inches long, that comes down onto his forehead
  • his little tongue, which he is learning more about every day
  • his little fingers & hands, which always seem to find mine and hold on during our quiet times
  • watching his brain work, seeing the gears turn…and seeing things make sense all of a sudden…it’s truly amazing
  • his little voice
  • his chuckles, laughs, and squeals
  • his open mouth kisses
  • the way he falls asleep in my arms with a smile on his face
  • his little man feelings–this morning, in bed, with a broken furnace, me laying in a big pee spot because of his pee-thru, he barfed on me.  I said “OH NOOOOO”, jokingly, and he got soooo sad.  Little pouty face and all. 
  • his smiles

Baby Crack!

I am soooo addicted to this little man.  Detox starts in 10 days and I am anticipating some serious withdrawls.

One Response to “My Name is Michelle and I’m an Addict…”

  1. Deborah February 18, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    Ahh, who wouldn’t be addicted?

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