On The Brink

5 Jul

Carson is on the move, folks!   Well, sort of.  I mean, he has devised his own independent form of mobility, but it only allows him to move on the hardwood floors.  It is pretty funny and rather ingenious of him.  I would love to show you the video of it, but stupid YouTube is currently telling me there is “about 107 minutes remaining…”  Yes, that is a direct quote, including the “…”.  And you know sometimes when something is up/downloading and it says some ridiculous time remaining, but really it is like 10 seconds?  Yeah, nope.  When YouTube says 107 minutes, YouTube MEANS one hundred. and seven. minutes. 

In the more conventional mobility world, he is on the brink of crawling.  AND he can pull himself to stand.  I would love to show you the video I recorded of that too, but after the 107 minutes for the first video, I don’t know if I am going to have the time in my life for this video.  While I push him down cheer him on, I am also thinking that life is on the brink of changing.  And on the brink of becoming much harder for everyone.  But holy crap, is my little heart just bursting with his cuteness!!  He is so proud of himself and his big boy accomplishments.  He has most definitely mastered pulling up to his knees and has become seriously proficient in the past few hours at pulling up to stand. 

Another thing that has changed around here is our breastfeeding relationship.  Apparently at around 8 months, Carson is able to recognize that my boobs just don’t disappear when I put clothes over them.  He now knows he can pull my shirt up, down, sideways and somewhere under there is what he is looking for.  It is pretty funny.  I had some faint glimmer of hope that I would buy a strapless bathing suit top so I wouldn’t be the Girl Who Ruined The Wedding Pictures With The Hideous Tan Lines In The Strapless Dress at my bestie’s wedding.  Clearly I will be that girl, though, because if I buy a strapless bathing suit top, the remaining 3 people in southeastern Connecticut who haven’t seen my boobs will get their opportunity. 

If it is not right before or right after his sleep, I have pretty much become a self-help milk bar.  Saturday afternoon it was just the two of us.  I sat in the middle of the floor with one boob out (after he ripped off my clothes to get to it) and he would play and then eat.  And then go back to playing, and then eat.  And perhaps, he would eat and hold my boob with one hand while simultaneously looking out of the corner of his eyes and playing with the other hand.   He has also become more aware of the rest of me that is attached to the best thing he has ever seen my boob and today spent some time playing with my belly button. 

It seems he is starting to develop a little sense of humor.  Up until this point, I have just tried to do things to make him laugh–tickling, making funny faces.  But today we had our first shared “moment”.  He came at me with his mouth open.  Sometimes, he doesn’t necessarily pay attention to where he is going, so he will end up on my shoulder or stomach before he realizes he missed his turn and redirects to the boob.  Well, I just started laughing at him.  AND HE LAUGHED BACK.  And the two of us laughed together for 2 or 3 minutes.  This is something new, and oh so very fun!!  He wasn’t laughing at me, he was laughing with me.  This seemed like a really big deal to me, I was pretty excited about it.  I tried to explain this to my hubbs, and then to a bunch of other people who don’t really care.  I was hoping you, my hoardes five faithful readers would get it? 

Well, seeing how as of right now, there are still “about 92 minutes remaining…” on the video upload, you will have to settle for a few pictures. 

I am trying to look extra cute for you all since my Mommy can't show you my videos!!

Did my Mom tell you I am kneeling? Look at me!! I am BIG BOY!!

Allllllllllmost crawling! First indication to the ridiculous amount of babyproofing that is going to be required in our house.


4 Responses to “On The Brink”

  1. Tara July 5, 2010 at 10:29 pm #

    LOVE that Carson is almost on the move and even more that the two of you shared a good laugh! Sometimes, actually most of the time, I feel like no one else in the world gets me or my kids like we get each other. It is such an amazing feeling! I totally get it and think it is one of the best parts of being a mom. Cy recently changed from saying “belly button” to “TUMMY button”. I think it is the cutest thing EVER. It makes me laugh every time and no one else finds it nearly as cute as me…but that’s fine because he is mine 🙂

    • michgal18 July 6, 2010 at 8:36 am #

      That is VERY cute! And I am glad you get it!!

  2. workout mommy July 6, 2010 at 8:45 pm #

    awwww!! time is going by too fast! and the boob story? hilarious! it is so fun to see them developing their personalities and becoming little people.

    PS: thanks for the shoulder exercises! 🙂

    • michgal18 July 6, 2010 at 9:13 pm #

      Carson is in luhhhhhhhhhhrrrrvvvee with the boob. The other night he had a rough night falling asleep because of the heat and I over fed him fruit and he was gassy (oops), so he fell asleep in my arms while (I think this is something I shouldn’t tell people, but it is FUNNY!!) playing with my nipple. You know, like he rubs his stuffy when he is falling asleep. Too funny!!

      Anyhow, how is the shoulder? Did those ex’s make sense, are you doing them and how is it feeling?

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