Dear Carson–Month 9

23 Jul

Dear Carson,

Well, here you are, another month older! You have had so many big things going on this month. You are officially mobile! You are crawling/dragging yourself all over the house. Every day your “crawl” changes a little bit, constantly evolving into a more efficient mode of transportation. You are pulling up to stand on anything you can get your hands on and you are cruising all over the place.

You have taught me a lot of life lessons this month.  First, life is a lot more fun when you dance!  You have become an absolute dancing machine and will dance to anything that remotely resembles a “song”.  And sure enough, watching you dance and dancing with you makes me HAPPY!!  Second, it’s OK if you are a little bit dirty.  I have gotten a lot more laid-back about me being dirty, you being dirty, the house being dirty.  There seems to be a direct correlation with the amount of food/dirt on your clothes or in your hair/eyebrows/ears to your level of happiness.  The dirtier you are, the happier you are…so, we just take a lot more baths in this house!

I have been absolutely amazed this month at how much you have changed.  It seemed before now, each new “baby trick” came slowly, giving us time to really appreciate your new skill.  This month, you have acquired so many new skills so quickly it is hard to keep track.  I am in awe every day of what you can accomplish.

My little heart almost explodes with love when you see me after we have been apart for any length of time.  You usually yell with joy and smile, laugh and squirm to get into my arms.  You give me the best baby hugs I have ever received.  I cherish these moments and get a little sad to think there will be a day when I am not your whole world.   

You have been visiting me at work a lot this month and so many people comment on how happy and cute you are.  I know my body betrays me as I try to hide how proud I am of you.  I am pretty sure it emanates from every pore I have. 

Somehow, you continue to make every day better than the last.  I love starting and ending my day with you in my arms.  You are the absolute best baby this Mommy could ever ask for.  Thank you for being you, every day!

I love you, I love you, I love you,



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