Inner Mean Girl Reform School: Week 2

2 Sep

So, how did the gossip free week go, you may be wondering?  Well, not too bad, shockingly.  Turns out I don’t really gossip as much as I thought I did.  Or…at least as much as I USED to before I had a kid.  There are too few hours in my day as it is to spend precious time gossiping about others.  Plus I find now that I have my son, I think to myself “everyone is someone’s kid…would I want someone talking about my son?”.  The answer is quite obviously no, which makes it easier to keep myself in check.  The hardest thing to stay away from was celebrity gossip!  It is everywhere–radio, TV…you can’t escape it.  But I tried my best.  Oh…and then there is my sister who is a gossip monger and tries to sink me in my gossip-free dinghy.  I’m not gonna lie…she got me a few times.  But all-in-all, I have refrained from gossiping.  And truly I feel better because of it.  It is a lot easier to think that I want to live my life as I would like my son to live his.  I want to be the model for him, and if that means no gossip…well, then so be it.  Sometimes what is better for him turns out to be better for me too.

Now, onto week 2–giving up Comparison.  We all do it.  By “we” I mean women, moms…I’m pretty sure my male readership is approximately 2, so if you two men would care to comment on this, be my guests.  So, the goal for the next week is “to refrain from comparison and pick up the self-loving habits of inspiration, appreciation, and gratitude.”  Examples of some comparisons I have had (mainly in my head) of late: “That woman’s child is the same age as mine and I look better than her” (what??!!?? I’m just being honest here.  You know you have done it too!) or, conversely “Oh crap, that woman’s child is the same age and mine and she looks better than me”.  So, this week, I am going to work on knocking that off.  I can work on just loving me for me, loving where I am at, appreciating what I do everyday, what I can get done, and being thankful for what I have (and boy am I thankful!!)

I’ll admit, I am not fully investing myself in this reform.  To be honest, I don’t think I have that kind of time or energy.  But I am getting something from it.  I am working on channeling my powers for good.  I’d be interested to hear if any of you are playing along with me, and what your experiences are!


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