Birthday–Take TWO!

1 Nov

(“Take TWO” because I tried to post this yesterday, but somewhere between hitting “Save Draft” and the process of actually saving, 75% of this post disappeared into the black abyss of the interwebs.  I am going to try to put as much love into it the second time around…)    

It has been a big week around these parts, what with a big birthday, the one-year check-up, and a few good days of single-motherhood.  I do have a lot to talk about, but not a lot of time to do the talking…so, let’s start with a birthday post and go from there!     

So, being the mom of the birthday boy AND the photographer is not a good combination.  I did not come close to getting the quantity or the quality of pictures I was hoping for to document the big day.  I have decided I need one set of extra hands and I could really get most things done on my own.  Also, while I am no photographer I do try my best and I have been feeling more limited with my camera lately.  I think now that Carson is moving SO MUCH, I am not able to get as good quality pictures as when he was a relatively stationary object.  Oh, and also I am addicted to my new iPhone like crack, so I tend to take a bunch more pictures on that now.  And with a non-stop baby (toddler??), I also don’t have as much time to do any post-production editing.  Anyhow, a new camera is definitely not in the budget right now…soo…here are the few pictures of the party I do have (I definitely need to get better at taking more pictures of everyone and realizing that the whole world doesn’t revolve around my child…)    

Sorta like Christmas morning...opening birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy!


My awesome birthday shirt that I loved so, so, soooo much


Check it! Coolest. Shirt. Ever.


(If you like that shirt, you can buy it here.  I love everything about it, and so does Carson, which is what really matters.  When I say he loves it, I mean it…he likes to cuddle it and kisses it and hugs it…)    

My Gigi made my monkey cake!


Oh yeah, cupcakes too!!!


Do you love these? I sure do!!


 (Like that “Carson is ONE” banner up there?  How bout the cupcake toppers?  You can buy them here.  I also got super duper cute invites and thank you cards from the same place.  Wanna see?  Well, I’ll show you the invites…the Thank You’s haven’t gone out yet and I don’t want to steal my own thunder!)   

Cannot. Even. Stand. The Cuteness. Seriously, sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the cuteness of my own child, I can't even take it. Is that ridiculous, or what?


Check out my custom-made bunting up there!!


  (Like that bunting?  Well, I just may be able to get you one of your own, stay tuned!!  I’ll show you more pictures and stuff, too!)   

Carson's 12 month picture bunting!


The other end!!


(I am a moron and FORGOT to take a picture of this hanging up.  It is still hanging up, but I haven’t gotten back to the MIL’s to take a picture and I didn’t want to hold out on you guys any longer.  I LOVED this banner, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it.  Maybe because I made it?  From scratch?  Right from my head?  Like, I didn’t copy this from anyone else, I thought of it and made it all on my own…  And it was super cute.  Unfortunately it didn’t quite get displayed like I would have liked it too, but when someone else is hosting your party out of the wonderful graciousness of their heart, you don’t complain!  🙂  I mean that too, that is not some passive-aggressive attack, I swear.  Do you want a 12 month picture bunting of your own?  Hit me up, maybe I can make one for you.  Maybe that should be my new business…)  

What the...??


(See that girl right there?  That is Carson’s friend Emily and she is proof that there were other people at the party.  There was also that other headless person there, who I think might be Gigi.  But seriously, this wasn’t some big production with no other people, I swear.  Just because I didn’t photodocument it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.)   



(Like that cake?  Too bad!  Because unless you have the best Gigi in the world, you cannot have it!)    

Absolutely Irresistable!!

I had to make that pic bigger than the rest…because Goodness Gracious, look at that Little Man.  I love him!   


p.s. Screw you, WordPress for making this blog post much harder than it needed to be.  You ate 75% of my original post and then just randomly deleted pictures that you apparently thought didn’t belong here the second time around, but kept all the captions and mushed them together into one big caption on one picture.  Great idea!  My time is very limited and I cannot afford extra time to try to figure out what the eff you are doing to try to sabotoge my blog.  Please knock it off.  Thanks.   


One Response to “Birthday–Take TWO!”

  1. kim November 19, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    Love it all! It all looks bright sunny, simple and pulled together! Monkey cake is adorable. I can not believe how old our children are.

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