Worst. Thing. Ever.

25 Dec

Not the best title for a Christmas blog, I know.  Yesterday–Christmas Eve–The Boy fell down a flight of stairs.  Thirteen wooden stairs.  Without a doubt, the absolute worst thing I have ever witnessed.   It was a simple case of “I thought he was with you”.  It makes me feel horrible…filling me with “What if…’s”.  I thought a kid falling down a flight of stairs was something that happened to bad parents that don’t watch their kids. I guess it happens to good parents that don’t watch their kids too.  I saw him tumble, head over foot, foot over head, like a rag doll.  Except I am pretty sure a rag doll wouldn’t make those sounds as its various body parts hit the stairs.  I think I screamed.  I ran down the stairs and scooped up my crying baby in my arms.  The Hubbs came running.  The Mother-In-Law came running.  Apparently I looked like I was going to pass out because the MIL (a nurse) took The Boy out of my arms and ordered me to lay down.  I didn’t, because I couldn’t lay down when my kid just tumbled down the stairs.  I was shaking, crying, feeling dizzy.  About 3 or 4 minutes later, The Boy had stopped crying.  We took off his pajam’s to check out his tiny little body.  A couple of big eggs on his head, but relatively unscathed.  I was still shaking and he was running around in his diaper like the happy little boy that he is. 

We called the doctor just to be safe and he made me feel a lot better.  “As long as he cried right away and was back to “normal” within a short amount of time, he is fine.”  “It is really just a series of 6 inch falls, it just looks much worse than that.” “It happens to every kid, every parent.” “If I told you the story of my kid falling down the stairs you wouldn’t believe it.”  “Pull the the three gray hairs it gave you our of your head and have a glass of wine.”  It took me a while to stop crying, weeping, beating myself up over it.  But truly–he was FINE.  I am shocked at his resilient little body.  I am disappointed in myself for not protecting him.  I wish that when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, heck–even to blink, that I didn’t replay his little body bouncing down the stairs.  It is haunting me a little bit. 

But don’t worry–this is a happy story in the end…because he is SO fine.  I would give up every gift for me and for him if I had to for him to be fine.  It surely put things into perspective.  Because some wrapped gift isn’t really what Christmas is about.  Christmas is about being happy, being healthy, and about family.  So I smother him with more kisses now, as if that is even possible.  Our first major parental catastrophe of many, I’m sure.  We all survived, some a little bit more (mentally) bruised than others.  We all had a super Merry Christmas and I am soooo grateful for my family.


3 Responses to “Worst. Thing. Ever.”

  1. Deborah December 26, 2010 at 12:22 pm #

    When my 20 month old nephew Wy was at my house, he was coming down our stairs and the next thing I know he began rolling like a log all the way down. It happened so quickly and I was only a few feet away but by the time I took the steps over to try and stop the fall he was already at the bottom of the stairs. The whole scene was so chaotic – my husband came running, I came running, and we both missed him. After he landed I bent down to pick him up and he let out one big cry but not because he was hurt, and not because he wanted me to hold him but because he wanted down so he could go and play! I tell you – I felt horrible about the fall and relieved that he was okay all at the same time. We spent the next few weeks learning how to go up and down those stairs on our bottoms 🙂 I am glad your son is okay and you had a wonderful holiday – bumps and all:)

  2. kim January 10, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    I am so behind on blog reading, ugh mama, i know what this is like to see. We dont have stairs but watching my 6 month old go head first off the very high bed was traumatic and it is true, it happens to all of us. The best part of being a baby is that you have yet to develop fear, fear is what causes injury, crazy right? When you are afraid, say about to fall down the stairs, your body tenses and that is what causes broken bones and such. As a child, you don’t have that fear reaction so you are like a ragdoll, just tumbling, it isn’t until it is over that you become frightened. So glad he is ok!

    • michgal18 January 10, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

      Well, luckily for you kim, I have probably only written one blog since the last time you checked in! I have not been blogging (I know I still owe you a review–I think about it nearly every other day!!) I have had ALOT going on, which hopefully will all get blogged about shortly…when I can find time….yeah.

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