Dear Elmo–A Love Letter From Carson

1 Feb

Dear Elmo,

I love you soooo much.  You are the best monster ever.  I like to say your name all the time.  Sometimes my Mama or Dada will be talking to me about something else and I will just shout out, “Ehhlmoh!”.  They look at me like I am crazy.  You make me so happy inside.  I wish my parents would let me watch you all day, I don’t see what the big deal is.  When they don’t let me watch you, I yell like this: “Ehhhlmohh!”  EHHHLLLLmoh!!!”  EEHHHLLLLMOOOOHHHHH!”  and then I just throw myself on the floor and scream and cry, although that doesn’t seem to be working very well and I can’t figure out why.  When we do watch Sesame, if you are not on, I just keep yelling “Ehhlmoh! Ehhhlmoh!  EHHHLMOHHHH!!” until my Mama or Dada pushes some buttons on the remote that make the screen move all fast and then you appear!  The only other part I like to watch is Murray, but he is not as good as you are, Elmo.  I don’t even really like to watch you with other Monsters.  I really only like to watch Elmo’s World and I even make my parents make the TV go fast through Mr. Noodle.  He is so boring and not as red and furry as you are.  You are my favorite.  Well, besides my Stuffy.  Also, I like GloWorm alot, but I don’t think I like him more than you. 

I love you,



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