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Major Life Events: A Time to Shine…or not.

20 Jun

Disclaimer:  This blog is going to be what I refer to as a prego rant.  I am by no means saying I am not happy.  Quite to the contrary, I am pretty sure I am the happiest I have ever been in my 31 years.  But I have something I need to get off my chest.

I have been so lucky to experience two Major Life Events in the past year–marriage and pregnancy.  Both are wonderful, so wonderful.  Both have led me to my current place in life, which has this undercurrent of happiness that I have never had before.  I love it.

The problem with Major Life Events are that they are the time for those around you to step up and shine, or to gradually fall off your radar leaving you wondering what happened.  The problem with having two Major Life Events within a year is that those that fall really, really fall.  They don’t have much time to climb back up again before the next event requires them to try to shine again.  They are already in the trenches from the first event and it doesn’t seem like the second kicks them up into high gear either.

Major Life Events allow you to put a lot of things in perspective, especially about your friends and family.  Major Life Events allow you, by their nature, to weed out the riff-raff.  You may not have known it before, but the riff-raff may have just been a big energy suck on you.  When you are in the throes of a Major Life Event, you don’t have that extra energy anymore and it just so happens that when you don’t put the energy in, some people just disappear.  Turns out they weren’t really trying that hard before.

I know I am a stubborn person.  But I feel very strongly that when I am going through a Major Life Events, it is not up to me to call all the allegedly important people in my life and tell them how I am doing.  There are too many people and not enough time.  Especially with pregnancy.  I work 40 hours a week on my feet all day, I have a student (which is great, but does take more energy and time), I have doctor’s appointments up the wazoo, AND I AM GROWING A BABY.  I don’t have time to call everybody and tell them what is new this week, how the ultrasound went and so on.  I would think if I am important enough to someone, I am on their radar and they can call to see how I am doing.  That doesn’t mean I never call.  It does mean if I am 20 weeks pregnant and haven’t talked to you once, I am not going to call you now.  This is not a double standard.  I am exactly the same with the people who are important to me.  If you are going through a major life event, I will call you to see how you are doing, to see if you need any help.  If you don’t answer, or don’t return the call, I’m gonna call you back.  See, Major Life Events take up a lot of time and I know that.  Sometimes its hard to call back.  Sometimes you are so busy you forget to call back.  Don’t worry!  I will call you back maybe to the point of stalking, but I want you to know that I care.  That is important to me.

The interesting thing about society now is that you can know what is going on with all your friends and family through various social networking sites.  This could essentially eliminate the phone call (although nothing can replace a good phone call).  But I venture to say that you can show that you care and are thinking about someone by a simple post.  I fact, I get MORE support and care from people I wouldn’t get anything from if it weren’t for Facebook.  It always make me smile.  The flip side of this is that if you are on these sites and still can’t manage a “How are you?” or “How are you feeling?”, you look even worse.  I would say posting a “How are you feeling?” is about as effortless as it gets.  If you aren’t doing even that, it’s pretty evident there is ZERO effort. 

Back to the disclaimer for a minute:  I AM HAPPY.  I have everything I have ever wanted right now, and have never experienced this before–it is wonderful.  I am just disappointed with the people that aren’t shining.  In my opinion, there is nothing worse than disappointment.  I would rather have someone be angry, upset and not speaking to me than disappointed.  Anger dissolves and gets less with time.  I find disappointment hangs there and probably gets worse with time.  Every passing day finds you MORE disappointed that another day has gone by with the same results.With all the shining people that I have, it is amazing how a few of the riff-raff can be such a bummer.  But when they are important riff-raff it’s hard to forget you haven’t talked in 13 weeks.  And it is hard to keep the disappointment from mounting every passing day.

For all you shiny people out there–I thank you.  When I see you on my FB page or on my phone, I am excited.  I have a lot to share, so I may forget to ask about you right away, but I will get there eventually!  Please keep on shining, because the shining makes my day!


Moral Dilemma: To Scan Or Not To Scan?

14 Mar

Stop & Shop has this GREAT new feature–Scan It! (I think the exclamation point is part of its name, but I am that excited about it that I would put it there anyways).  For those of you that don’t shop at Stop & Shop or whose store does not have it yet, I will tell  you about it.

There are two kiosks at either entrance of the store.  There are probably twenty portable scanners in each one.  You scan your S&S card and one of the scanners lights up and releases so you can take it.  There are also bags right at the kiosks if you don’t BYO.  So, you are off with your scanner and your bags.  The carts also have little “holsters” to put your scanner in.  You scan your items as you go and bag them as well.  In the produce section they have a few stations scattered around where you can enter and weigh your produce.  It spits out a sticker that you scan and stick on your produce.  

As you go, the scanner will also beep and give you individualized coupons for various products.  I am pretty sure that the scanner knows where you are in the store, b/c the coupons seem to pop up when you are near the product they are trying to get you to buy.  Another nice feature is that the scanner will give you a running total of your cart, so you always know where you are at, money-wise.  You are also able to remove items from your cart if you want.  I haven’t had to do that yet, but I assume you select that option and then just scan the item you don’t want anymore.

When you are finished, you go to the self-checkout lane.  You scan your S&S card again.  Then you scan a barcode with your self-scanner, which is  located above the “register”.  Your receipt prints up on the screen and you proceed per usual with your checkout.  Your food is already bagged and you are good to go.  Then you return your scanner to the kiosk on the way out.  I don’t have official stats, but I am pretty sure this is faster the the regular routine.

OK, so that was my objective (hopefully) explanantion…now, let me tell you how I feel about Scan It!.  

As many of you may know, I have my fair share of OCD tendencies.  Grocery shopping is one of them.  I make a list every week.  I am not one to go into the grocery store all willy-nilly.  That would probably cause me a good deal of anxiety, to be honest with you.  

Every Saturday or Sunday morning, I go through the kitchen and construct my list.  I fold a piece of paper into thirds.  In the top third, I write all the things I need in the produce section. In the middle third, I write everything from the middle of the store.  I also write meat in the middle section, but that goes on the right hand side.  In the bottom third, I write the dairy, juices, and natural food stuff.  If you go to the S&S in East Lyme, CT, this would probably make some kind of sense to you.  The funny thing about my grocery shopping is that probably 80% of my weekly list, if not more, is the same.  I could do a good portion of this without a list, and possibly even blindfolded.  But I don’t.  What I am trying to say here is that my weekly grocery shopping is one of the most routine things I do.

So, imagine my surprise when me, my list, and my green bags stumble upon Scan It! last week.  I tried it.  And I LOVED it.  Grocery shopping is no longer this boring, rote task.  It is FUN!!  Scan It! has kind of turned grocery shopping into a game.  And I love games.  It was so fun that I left the grocery store last week wanting to go back in for more shopping.

In the back of my mind I wondered about loss-prevention.  I thought that they must figure they will lose less money with stealing than it would cost to pay people to man the registers.  I have heard that they will check every 6th cart to make sure the receipt matches with what is in your bags.  Whatever, I am not stealing, I am just having fun.  If they want to check my cart, they are more then welcome.

So, this weekend, I drive to the store very much looking forward to Scan It!  It appears they are really pushing it on people.  One lady said to me “Do you think people are losing their jobs because we are using this?  Because I wouldn’t want to do that, but I really want to try it.”  

So, I start thinking–ARE people losing their jobs?  Is my fun at the cost of someone else’s income?  Because I don’t know if that is worth it.    But then I forget that thought, because I have to scan something else, and boy is it fun!! 

When I checked out today, thus putting an end to the Grocery Shopping Game, I asked my self-checkout friend Becky (who, due to my painfully predictable routine, I have come to know on a first name basis because she works the self-checkouts both Saturday and Sunday mornings) if she would lose her job if I kept using Scan It!.  She replied, “Probably.”  Oh Boy.  Then I asked if she would lose her job if I stopped using it.  She replied “Probably not.”  Oh boy.  She said that S&S said people wouldn’t lose their jobs, they would be relocated.  That doesn’t make much sense to me, because if all the S&S stores have Scan It! they will all be “relocating” people.  Becky said they would be “relocated” to the unemployment line.  Oh boy.

I don’t think Becky meant that I could single-handedly save her job.  However, if enough people didn’t use Scan It! there would be better odds that Becky and her co-workers would still have a job at the end of the year.  

So, what do I do??  I am now officially hooked on Scan It!  But with this economy, how would I feel if one day Becky wasn’t there because I self-scanned her out of a job?

What a Girl Wants…

26 Feb

Alright, so if you listened to my theme song, you know “I just want to be OK”…  Some of you may be wondering what else I want.  Well, it’s your lucky day…here’s a comprehensive list of my wants for today.

  • I want my friend L to get that baby out of her belly already!
  • I want to not have to work so hard to think of blog topics sometimes.
  • I want to be happy.
  • I want to say a great big “THANKS!!” to my friends.  You know who you are and you know why.
  • I want to do it right.  All of it.  Whatever it is.
  • I want a day off.  Come quicker, March 20th, come quicker.
  • I want a wallet to match my new purse.  What I have going on right now is embarrassing.
  • I want it to be warmer.  I’ll take 50.  I can’t take the cold anymore.  Or the snow.
  • I want a new bed, but that certainly isn’t a newsflash.
  • I want to know if the Real Housewives of the OC are kidding me.  Seriously?!?! Reunion?  Anyone?
  • I want something good to eat.  What else is new?
  • I want to go to bed…But I can’t, because I am addicted to Thursday night TV.
  • I want to not love blogging so much.  But I do.  Sorry to my fans if they don’t come quick enough!  And just because you are preggers doesn’t mean you can verbally harass me!!  🙂

Chimp Attack!

18 Feb

So, I have been thinking how much I hate that every major news story gets a “name” now.  Has it always been like that and I haven’t noticed before now?  Because it seems like this a relatively new trend (maybe within the last 10 years).  Obviously, this stems from the “Chimp Attack!”, but I am also thinking of “The Miracle on the Hudson” and “Octo-mom” (Thanks Shayla!!).  I mean, the news is going to happen, why can’t it just be reported?  Why does there need to be a name?

Not only does news have a name, but there tends to be a dramatic picture associated with it.  I tried to find the picture NBC 30 used with “Chimp Attack!” sprawled across it in red letters.  I couldn’t.  What I did find is a very similar picture, although I think the one on TV had bigger fangs.  You will have to imagine the red letters, please.


Chimp Attacks!

Chimp Attack!

Now, you may think this is a blog about how I hate that news stories have names, but it is not.  I actually want to talk more about this chimp.

Let me preface this all by saying that, as weird as this story is, I do feel bad for the woman who had to stab her pet, who was mauling her best friend and now her pet is dead and her best friend is in critical condition and the woman has no other family.  That is sad.

But, back to the chimp.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Maybe the chimp shouldn’t be on Xanax.  Where, in the history of evolution, were chimps ever on Xanax?
  • Where else but the US, where obesity is an epidemic, would there be an obese chimp?  Travis the Attack Chimp weighed in at 200 pounds.  According to my research, the average male chimp (not of the attack variety) weighs 40-60 kg.  According to my further research, that equates to 88-132.2 pounds.  That means Travis had 70 extra pounds on him.  Maybe he was having body-image issues.  It can upset us all.  Turns out the attack chimp ate filet mignon, lobster…again, in the history of evolution, when did chimps eat lobster?
  • Travis the Attack Chimp could drive a car.  And would occasionally get behind the wheel.  I may have been behind him once or twice.
  • If an chimpanzee can drive, and be in Old Navy commercials, and make himself dinner, and draw, why does he have to wear a diaper?  You mean to tell me you can train cats to use a toilet, but you can’t train chimps?  I don’t believe it.
  • Apparently there are other Attack Chimps out there.  After The Today Show ran the story today, they interviewed another victim of a chimp attack from 2005.  Apparently when chimps attack (could we make a show of it?), they go for the face.  Huh.  May have been useful information before.

Anyways, I guess that is all I have to say about that.  Anybody else have any thoughts on the “Chimp Attack!”?

Phosphorus, Bhosphorus.

16 Feb

So, I have had this problem for a while now.  I am a sufferer of chronic post-nasal drip, phlegm, throat-clearing, coughing etc.  It is to the point that I don’t even realize I am coughing anymore.  Everyone else calls me out on it, though, so it must be an issue.  

This has been going on since September.  Many of you probably know about this, because you have spent time with me and probably asked me, “Do you have a cold?” or “Are you getting sick?”.  To which I reply, “Nope, this is just my world” or “Nope, this is just status quo for me”.  In September I was on a Z-pac and in January I was on allergy meds and then another round of antibiotics to no avail.

So, here we are in February, 5 months after this whole thing started and I have reached the point of intolerance.  Today I went to the naturopathic doctor in Mystic.  It was pretty interesting.  He spent 35 minutes just talking to me about my symptoms.  When he wasn’t asking about my symptoms, he was asking about my sleeping positions and my food cravings.  Apparently all of these things help decide what the right remedy is for your body.

And the remedy for me?  You guessed it–phosphorus!  I don’t know what that means.  And when I google “phosphorus + homeopathy” the answers confuses me even more.  But the worst that can happen is nothing.  And the best that can happen is that perhaps the sludge in my head for the last 5 months will go away.  If not, I email him and try another remedy.  

I am interested to see how this all pans out.  I am hopeful that I will not be on another round of antibiotics any time soon.  I am curious why my body needs phosphorus.  Anybody?

Bob-o-Pedic? Yes, Please!

15 Feb

So, the new bed ball has started slowly rolling.  We went to Bob’s Discount Furniture to take a look at the beds.  I was not looking forward to being accosted by salespeople, but I took a deep breath and went in (similar to how you would approach a recently used bathroom).  We dodged the first bullet by saying we were just looking.  Shockingly, the man let us on our way.  

We managed to look at the beds without anyone bothering us.  The Bob-o-pedic almost made me cry for two reasons: one, because it was so wonderful and two, because our bed is so horrible (even more pronounced by the wonderful-ness of the Bob-o-pedic).

After window shopping the beds, we decide to wander over to the free cafe.  Do you know about this?  We didn’t really eat anything, but there is free candy, free drinks and FREE SUNDAES!!  Hello??  Free sundaes?  I don’t know why we (and everyone else, really) aren’t there every day of the week.  Well, it is probably because of the salespeople.

I did get nabbed by one salesperson on the way to the free food.  My husband just kept walking and left me hanging.  Which brings me to my question: Do salespeople enjoy their job?  Or does it just pay the bills?  If it were me, I would wake up and say to myself, “Oh yay!  Today I get to annoy the crap out of people all day.  I love my job!”.  Now, I feel bad because I know these people are just trying to make a living…but what a horrible job!

I think the seed has been planted with my husband and hopefully in the next month or two we will have a new, bigger, and comfier bed.  We will also have a parasitic saleperson to deal with–and that takes a month or two to prepare for!

I’m Blogged Down

12 Feb

So, it’s been one of those weeks.  You know, where any single problem is manageable but you put them all together and…well…it turns into “one of those weeks”.  It is weeks like this that make me wish my job took place in a cubicle so I didn’t have to pretend that I was in a good mood.  But, it is almost over.  And in an attempt to help myself get through Friday, I am going to remind myself of the good stuff that has happened over the past 5 days.

–Individual TVs on the treadmills at the gym.  It doesn’t make running indoors completely enjoyable, but it helps.

–And on the same note–back to the gym!  Two days already!  Hooray!

–Survivor.  YES!

–Thanksgiving Casserole!  YUM!

Wow, I’m stumped already…it may have been a worse week than I had originally thought!

–I started reading Eragon.  Yes, it’s a “kid’s book” that I am borrowing from my 12 year old nephew.  But it is GOOD!  Kinda Harry Potter-ish.

–My almost 14-year-old nephew has a girlfriend.  He walks her home from school and carries her stuff…and he’s getting her a Valentine’s gift.  I love it! 

–“It’s Your News”  Everyone should be watching this show–10:30 Sunday nights on MTV.  This is just such a great, feel-good show.  I love these guys!!

–Dinner tomorrow night at Koto.  Hibachi here I come!  (ok, this hasn’t technically happened yet, but the thought of dinner with my friends has gotten me through this week…)

Ok, this has helped.  Less than 24 hours and this week is over. Good talk, good talk.


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