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Dear Carson–Month 8

23 Jun

Dear Carson,

You are another month older!  This month actually seemed to go slower than the rest, which has been kind of nice.  I feel like I have had more time to enjoy you!  I spent some time today looking back at your old pictures and it still amazes me how much you have changed in such a short time.

This has been a big month for you, you have had a lot of new experiences and lot of firsts.  For your first Father’s Day, you decided to give your Daddy a new tooth!  And you are already working on another one.  You only had a few bad days with the teething, and even then you tried so hard to be a happy little boy.

You learned your first sign, “more”, this month.  I cannot wait for you to pick up on some of the other signs we have been working on.  I am so proud of you and am nothing short of amazed when you are able to tell me what you want.

You went swimming in the Lake at your grandparents for the first time this month (and the second time…and the third time…).  You LOVED it.  I am so happy that you are not afraid of the water.  I hope you are my little water bug.  You love swimming with me and Daddy and love lounging in your little raft.  I can’t wait to spend the rest of the summer in the water with you!!

You haven’t started crawling, but you sit and spin around and around which always makes me laugh.  You have started pulling yourself up from sitting onto your knees on your own.  When you play with me, you use me as a jungle gym and sometimes pull yourself all the way up to standing.  You seem much more adventurous and courageous when I am near by! 

Your personality and sense of humor develop more every day.  You have really started to take an interest in your books, especially your Touch and Feel animal books.  You laugh right out loud when you see the animals.  You enjoy digging in your toy box.  I am always entertained to see you looking in and making a conscious decision as to which toy you want to play with. 

One of our favorite things to do towards the end of this month has been picking and eating our blueberries and raspberries.  You sit so patiently in the yard waiting for me to come and deliver you some berry goodness. 

I spend a lot of time talking and watching other moms with little boys and I wonder what you will be like as you get older.  It does make me a little sad to think that some day, probably sooner than later, I will not be the center of your universe.  Even still, you will be the center of mine. 

I love to pass my days looking at the world through your eyes.  You have absolutely changed my outlook on the world around me.  Every decision that I make is made with you in mind and I hope you will someday know how I make it my goal each day to be the best Mommy I can be. 

There are big things ahead for you, Little Man.  Soon you will be on the move, your little gummy smile will be gone, and you will be learning more ways to communicate.  I am so proud of the person I see you becoming. 

I love you, I love you, I love you!


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