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Oh, Hi again!

3 Aug

It seems I’ve been on blog hiatus again, relying on my Wordless Wednesday posts to carry the weight of my blog.  Well, here are some good old bullet points for you!

  • Carson’s 9 month check-up yielded the following results:
    Weight: 17 pounds, 13 ounces.  He has gained a measly pathetic whopping 1 pound 13 ounces in the last THREE MONTHS.  He is in the 15th percentile for weight!!  I don’t know where all the milk he is sucking out of me is going…oh wait, yes I do…
    Height: 29 1/2 inches.  He has gained TWO AND A HALF INCHES in three months.  He is in the 90th percentile for height.  Yes, this is where all the liquid gold is going….or…
    Head circumference: 18.5cm.  My doctor doesn’t tell you what percentile the head circumference is in, probably because he doesn’t want you to perseverate on it.  But a little thing called Google can tell you…that it is in the 90th percentile.  So, maybe all the booby goodness is going to the HEED.
    Another interesting stat for you that I just found…for Carson’s length, 0.8% of boys his age weigh less than him.  In other words:Carson is super-long, super-skinny, and has a super-melon.  Also, the cuteness measurement was so off the charts, there wasn’t even anything to compare him to.

  • We (ok, really I) made it through our first overnight apart.  We had a great time in Boston with wonderful friends who were kind and understanding enough to let me ramble on endlessly about Carson.  I could definitely do an overnight again, although the 2 nights away in September are giving me agida already….
  • Forgive me if I am not blogging quite as often these days.  This kid is ON THE MOVE.  I’m much too busy saving him from electrocuting himself, falling out the screen door that doesn’t close and my husband won’t buy a new one, eating trash, and climbing in the toilet to blog.  I will do my best for you, my faithful followers.
  • For some strange reason I am no longer getting the “chimpanzee” hits anymore.  I can’t figure it out.
  • Apparently there is a new “like” button that is significantly less jig-rigged than the one I was trying to use before.  But it is way down there, waaaaaay on the bottom…and you have to click on the individual post to see it.  Do you see it??  Please use it.  Well, if you like it, use it.  Don’t let me force you into it or anything. 

Wordless Wednesday

2 Jun




Like This!

Things I Love, Volume II

25 Mar

As Carson gets up there in months (five months totally qualifies us as “pro’s”!!), we use more/different things, which allows me to continually offer up more “Things I Love”.  So, here you have another list of unsolicited recommendations.

I love Nosefrida the Snotsucker.  Love, love, LOVE it.  I think any mom with a kid who cannot blow his (or her) nose NEEDS Nosefrida.  Yes, it seems gross…but really, it’s not.  And it WORKS.  I mean, legitimately works.  You put the collection tube up to your kid’s nostril and suck.  When you are done, the collection tube comes right off, easy to clean (as opposed to that nasty bulb…ugh!).  While I am dreading Carson’s first illness, I am looking forward to using Nosefrida to its full sucking capacity.   

Nosefrida the Snotsucker

I love jewelry that functions as a teething toy!  Check out Teething Bling–someone was smart when they thought of affordable jewelry that is kid friendly!  I have gotten tons of compliments on these necklaces (I have 2, but want more!).  I would wear them without a mouthy little boy, but the fact that they are safe for Little Man to munch on make them even better.  I would not recommend the bangles, especially if you are small boned, like me.  They are big and cumbersome and I just don’t like how they look.  I have seen other sterling silver teething necklaces, but really–I don’t have $220 to drop on them, even though I would LOVE one.  I have also found these necklaces but I have not seen them or used them myself, so I can’t tell you if they are any good.

Teething Bling!

I love Sophie!  All the cool kids have Sophie.  Little Man is so cool, he has two!!  I didn’t really understand the appeal of Sophie until this past month when Carson started mouthing everything in sight.  He LOVES Sophie.  Sophie is his tried and true travel companion and he really enjoys having his way with her in his car seat for any drives.  Also, the company (Vulli) is awesome.  When I sent them an email about Sophie’s paint coming off right away (it is food based, so it is OK), they sent me another Sophie for free within days for “mum’s peace of mind”.  Love it!!

Oh, and then I still love this…

I LOVE this Little Man!!

Stay tuned for Volume III!  There’s certain to be more Things I Love!!

Dear Carson–Month 5

23 Mar

Dear Carson,

Today you are five months old!  I cannot tell you where the time goes, but now that I am back to work the time is going even faster than before!

Speaking of back to work, this month you started daycare.  You have done such an amazing job!  You spend three days a week with Miss Carol and two days with your Gigi.  Picking you up is the highlight to my day, and I rush to come get you to see your smiling face.  And you really are smiling all the time!!  As your mom, I think you are the most wonderful little boy–but when others say it I know it must be true.  Nothing makes me prouder than when people comment on how happy you seem.  You have such a laid back personality.  You rarely cry, unless you are overtired.  You are smiling and laughing most of the day. 

This month, the weather started warming up and we were able to spend more time outside.  We have been to the park alot.  You like to go in the bucket swing.  You have also been down the slide and you have swung with me in the grown up swing.  We also did a Baby and Me Zumba class, which you liked so much you fell asleep!!

You have mastered the elusive mouth-farts!  You can’t get enough of them now that you have figured them out.  Your months of practice have paid off, and it just keeps me laughing as your spittle drips down your chin.  You have shared banana with me, and you really like it.  We will probably be trying more food soon!!

Each day, you are more of a Little Man and each day I love you a little bit more than the day before.  I continue to be amazed that that is even possible.  You are such a little cuddlebug and some of my favorite moments with you are when you are hugging me.  Your Daddy says you are a Momma’s Boy and that couldn’t make me happier.  I LOVE being the one you seek for comfort.  I love knowing that you look to me to help you meet your needs, that you know I will take care of you.  I love that you are growing and thriving and that I have been able to continue to breastfeed you.  I think that is so special and I feel so accomplished in that task.

I cannot wait to see what the next month holds in store for us.  It seems like each day you are learning something new and it is amazing to watch.  At five months old, you have taught me that my love can be limitless.  At five months old, you have taught me to be a better person.  At five months old, you are teaching me to be the best mom I can be.  I wonder what you will teach me next month?  I can’t wait!!!

I love you, I love you, I love you!


I cannot resist your Super-baby Powers! You are the best little 5-month-old EVER!!

Sunshine, Rainbows, and Butterflies…

15 Mar

You all know how sickingly happy I have been lately.  I know my blogs have been all sunshine-y and smiley and probably really annoying.  Well, here’s one for those of you who are tired of all my cute & happy baby talk.

I (shockingly) have no desire to complain about my life right now, but Holy Hell, I AM TIRED.  I am apprehensive to even discuss this because I do not want it to be misconstrued in any way that I am complaining about my son or even my situation.  I am just so stinkin’ tired.  To be honest, if this is my only “complaint” then I will take it.  Plenty of my mom blogger friends have been open with their battles with post-partum depression and I consider myself so lucky to just be talking about being tired. 

Carson is a super baby.  I am not kidding.  I feel I can objectively tell you he is a wonderfully easy baby.  I am just trying to figure out how to work through our nights.  We are currently getting up around two times a night.  Carson goes to bed around 6:30 and usually wakes up between 11-12 and 2-3.  With our new morning routine, he also seems to be waking up around 5ish, but will tend to go back to bed until 6 or later after being fed.  I really wouldn’t have even complained about our night schedule prior to going back to work.  But this work thing has changed everything. 

It has really amazed me what your body can get used to.  I mean, before Carson I could tell you that without an alarm clock, my body liked 10 hours of sleep.  TEN HOURS!  Now?  Ha!  I couldn’t even tell you how much sleep I am getting, but I can tell you how much sleep I am NOT getting!!  (and again…to be clear, I would stay up all night with Little Man if I had to…but…)

So, when does this sleep through the night thing happen?  I know this is a hot topic, to cry it out, not cry it out, blah de blah de blah…I don’t know the answer.  I just want to sleep for one whole night.  The last time that happened?  October 21st.  That was a long-ass time ago.  I am not sure if I want to open myself up to suggestions or not…but have it, folks.   

And I promise to be back to sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies before you know it…if you can get me one night of uninterrupted bliss sleep.

My Son Is A Happy Little Boy…

10 Mar

I would like to thank the Baby Gods for blessing me with a happy little man.  I am guessing there are lots of moms out there with rose-colored glasses.  I’m probably one of them.  But I can tell you with out ANY glasses on that my son is happy. 

When I dropped him off at daycare for the first time, I told Ms. C, “He is really a happy baby.  He doesn’t really cry unless he is hungry or tired”.  While she didn’t make me think that she didn’t believe me, I’m sure she was mentally rolling her eyes at me.  Isn’t that what every mom says?  Isn’t that what every mom wants?  Or wants to believe?  Well, fast forward one week to Ms. C telling me, “He is really an easy baby.  He doesn’ t even cry.  He just gets fussy when he is tired or hungry and if it weren’t for his screeching (he is finding out about his voice), I wouldn’t even know he was here”.  I smiled because that was the nicest thing she could say to me.

And then there are these pictures she sent me:

Mom, this daycare thing is the BEST!

Why didn't we start this sooner, I LOVE it here!

He is happy.  Wow, I mean, look at him.  He is truly just a happy, HAPPY little boy. 

Those pictures are just proof to me that we are doing something right. 

And that makes for a happy, HAPPY Mommy.

A Day At The Park

6 Mar

Today was the first nice day after an oppressively cold and snow-filled winter.  Carson and I needed a big dose of fresh air and sunshine, so he climbed into the Ergo and we high-tailed it right to the park and beach.  

We were not the only people with cabin fever, and the park was filled with families, kids and dogs.  We started on the grown-up swing.  I don’t know the last time I have been on a swing (to my Ergo mommies–another great use for the carrier–hands free to allow for pumping without having to hold on to your child!), but I could have stayed there forever.  Carson seemed to really like it and I started to get a taste for childhood again! 

There was so many people there that I had to wait for a kid’s swing to open up.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with Carson, who isn’t able to sit independently and I had some crazy fear that he would fall through the leg holes in the bucket swing and be stuck dangling, but we gave it a try–and he LOVED it.  He was in that swing for 15-20 minutes, and he would have stayed longer if I let him.  He was so content–he has been super talkative lately, but for our whole outing he was very calm and quiet, taking in all the new sights and sounds.  

Besides breastfeeding, I think this is the best thing I have ever done in my WHOLE LIFE!!


After the swing, we walked along the point and down onto the beach.  I started thinking that I had just spent 15 minutes with woodchips digging into my knees watching this little boy swing back and forth and that I was so unbelievably happy.  I had had an idea to try the swing with him, we did it, it worked and he liked it!  It is an amazing feeling to make your child happy.  It is amazing  to watch your child learn, to see him process new things, and to figure out what he likes.  It is amazing to think like a child again.  

I was expecting Carson to fall asleep, the whole outing was about an hour, but he remained wide awake the whole time.  I’d like to think that he was enjoying it all too much to miss anything.  I was enjoying it so much…being out in the sunshine, with the ocean, the sand, the grass.  I thought how lucky Carson is to grow up here and how lucky I am to watch it all.  I also thought, “I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!” 

Enjoying the sunshine, the beach, and each other's company!

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