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Bob-o-Pedic? Yes, Please!

15 Feb

So, the new bed ball has started slowly rolling.  We went to Bob’s Discount Furniture to take a look at the beds.  I was not looking forward to being accosted by salespeople, but I took a deep breath and went in (similar to how you would approach a recently used bathroom).  We dodged the first bullet by saying we were just looking.  Shockingly, the man let us on our way.  

We managed to look at the beds without anyone bothering us.  The Bob-o-pedic almost made me cry for two reasons: one, because it was so wonderful and two, because our bed is so horrible (even more pronounced by the wonderful-ness of the Bob-o-pedic).

After window shopping the beds, we decide to wander over to the free cafe.  Do you know about this?  We didn’t really eat anything, but there is free candy, free drinks and FREE SUNDAES!!  Hello??  Free sundaes?  I don’t know why we (and everyone else, really) aren’t there every day of the week.  Well, it is probably because of the salespeople.

I did get nabbed by one salesperson on the way to the free food.  My husband just kept walking and left me hanging.  Which brings me to my question: Do salespeople enjoy their job?  Or does it just pay the bills?  If it were me, I would wake up and say to myself, “Oh yay!  Today I get to annoy the crap out of people all day.  I love my job!”.  Now, I feel bad because I know these people are just trying to make a living…but what a horrible job!

I think the seed has been planted with my husband and hopefully in the next month or two we will have a new, bigger, and comfier bed.  We will also have a parasitic saleperson to deal with–and that takes a month or two to prepare for!

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