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Thoughts While Running

2 Jun

My” friends”  (whom I have never even met) at RLAM tell me today in National Running Day.  I celebrated by running 3 miles with Little Man.  My fitness level is getting so that running is actually starting to become somewhat enjoyable again.  Given that, I do not have to focus so much on just getting through the torture and I can let my mind wander to whatever it would like.  Here is where it went today (yes, more bullets!!  What can I say–I like them!) 

  • Since I have been running with Little Man I have had two strangers actually cheer for me.  A few weeks ago it was a cyclist (a man!) who said “Great Job!!” or something along those lines.  Today it was a woman who said “WOW, Good for you!!”.  I just want to let you all know–if you see a mama pushing her kid you should cheer for her.  You may feel like a total goofball, but I can promise you–you will make her day!
  • Before I had my son, I probably had 3 times where I legitimately thought I might get hit by a car when running.  I haven’t had any since I have been running with Carson, but I think about it every time.  For every person who gives us a wide berth, slows down, or stops to wait for another car coming in the other direction there is someone who doesn’t.  I mean, it is one thing when I am by myself…but when I am pushing a stroller with a kid in it?  I cannnot believe how close, fast and/or clueless people can be!  I would actually feel more comfortable running on the “wrong” side of the road so that the traffic is behind me–at least that way they would hit me first!  So–I think this is a given if you are a runner–please give all runners room to run, but if it is a mama or daddy out there with their kid, give them a little extra space please!!
  • I have to thank someone or something that I can put one foot in front of the other and run.  And then I have to thank that same someone/thing that my son is a healthy, happy little boy.  I’m beyond blessed.

Carson also had some thoughts on running he would like to share.  

"Mom, I don't really think you need this string in your running shorts, so I'm just gonna pull it out, OK?"

"I don't know about running, but this is sure fun!"

"I like running because that is how I get all my favorite toys. Like the box my mom's shoes came in and this string. This is great!"

"My mom wanted me to tell everyone that she was watching me the whole time. So don't worry, I am not going to choke or strangle myself."

"Oh yeah, even without this string on her shorts my Mommy is the best runner I know. I love her so much!!"

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