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When All Else Fails, Serve Up Some Bullet Points

1 Jun

Apparently I am not the only one with writers block.  My blog friends Suzanne and The Girl have both mentioned it lately, so I am going to blame it on the wonderful New England weather we have been having!  Who wants to be on the computer when it is sunny and wonderful outside?!?

That being said, many of you know I unplugged for the weekend.  I needed to step away from the computer and not even think about the internet, blogs, or Facebook.  You would think that that break would fill me with a plethora of wonderful blog ideas.  Or none.  Either way, here I am giving you a requisite super-interesting blog.  I am taking Suzanne’s lead on this one and offering you a wonderfully bulleted recap of my computer-free weekend.

  • Carson has been upgraded to a big-boy car seat.  The hubbs installed them both without pulling any muscles contorting himself in the back seat any problems.  Carson seems to love his new hoopty-ride.
  • Carson has made the decision to break up with the home-made food I have been making for him.  He eats much more with much less struggle when it comes from a jar.  So, organic jarred baby food it is.  Not the first battle I will choose to let him win.
  • We spent Sunday afternoon at a cookout with family friends that haven’t seen Carson recently.  While I do not need people to tell me I am doing a good job with Little Man, it really makes me feel good when someone takes the time to do just that.  Everyone commented on how happy he is and that we must be doing a great job with him.  Surrounded by virtual strangers, he was so content to be playing independently in his exersaucer.  He went from person to person without complaint.  He smiled, he laughed, he made everyone else smile and laugh.  I was so proud of him.  And so happy that people noticed!  And it got me thinking–I love holding Little Man, wearing him, hugging him and kissing him.  Some people may say that I hold him “too much”  (what does that even mean, btw?  Why have kids if you don’t want to hold them?), but I really think all the time we spend together, all the time he spends in my arms, makes him a more confident and trusting little boy.  And I really think this is why he is so laid back and flexible–because he knows if he does need anything, I am right there for him.
  • I think Carson is starting to catch on to giving kisses.  And let me tell you what–that kid can plant his open-mouth, drooly, tongue-y kisses all over me, because nothing makes me happier!
  • Carson went to his first organized walk of every baseball team in the town, followed by a bunch of fire trucks parade on Monday.  We missed all the fun stuff because we were running late since we got stuck in the horrendous traffic of people trying to go the parade while we were just trying to get home.  I told the hubbs Carson is lucky he lives within walking distance of a parade or he may never see one in his life because there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks I would sit in traffic like that to watch people walk down the street.  Seriously.
  • Turns out a long weekend just makes me want to be a stay-at-home mom even more.  With the summer, there is just so many fun things we can do together.  And Carson is just getting more fun with every passing second.  I miss that kid so much when I am away from him.  It is ridiculous. 
  • Soooo….did I sell him?  Who wants to be our daycare provider come September?  For those that haven’t heard, our daycare lady quit.  Daycare.  Forever.  Grrrrrrrreat.  Honestly, I know I am partial and all but he is pretty much the best kid ever.  Who’s in?  The pay is crap, but he will make up for it with his awesome personality!! 

Like This!


My Son Is A Happy Little Boy…

10 Mar

I would like to thank the Baby Gods for blessing me with a happy little man.  I am guessing there are lots of moms out there with rose-colored glasses.  I’m probably one of them.  But I can tell you with out ANY glasses on that my son is happy. 

When I dropped him off at daycare for the first time, I told Ms. C, “He is really a happy baby.  He doesn’t really cry unless he is hungry or tired”.  While she didn’t make me think that she didn’t believe me, I’m sure she was mentally rolling her eyes at me.  Isn’t that what every mom says?  Isn’t that what every mom wants?  Or wants to believe?  Well, fast forward one week to Ms. C telling me, “He is really an easy baby.  He doesn’ t even cry.  He just gets fussy when he is tired or hungry and if it weren’t for his screeching (he is finding out about his voice), I wouldn’t even know he was here”.  I smiled because that was the nicest thing she could say to me.

And then there are these pictures she sent me:

Mom, this daycare thing is the BEST!

Why didn't we start this sooner, I LOVE it here!

He is happy.  Wow, I mean, look at him.  He is truly just a happy, HAPPY little boy. 

Those pictures are just proof to me that we are doing something right. 

And that makes for a happy, HAPPY Mommy.

Week One Of The Rest Of My Life…

5 Mar

I know, I know…you all have been waiting for the update.  Well, here you have it: I’m tired.  Really, really tired.  In all the anticipation of this week, I have only been thinking about Little Man–leaving him, how he would do, how he would eat (more on that later), etc, etc…  I forgot that there was a whole nother person in this equation–ME!  I didn’t really remember to think about me, and so the fatigue has caught me a little off guard.

I will tell you that you were right: the anticipation of the day was worse than the first day itself.  Not to take away from it, it sucked, I was sad…but we made it.  And then we did it again the next four days.  But now I feel like I have 3 jobs.  I am still a full-time mom.  I am a part-time (but really?  30 hours is still a lot) physical therapist.  And I am full-time breast-feeder.  Wait, doesn’t breastfeeding fall under the mom umbrella?  Well, I would say it did when the only job I had was being a mom.  Now that I am working and HAVE to pump, I would argue that breastfeeding (or maintaining breastfeeding) is another full-time  job.  When I have to wake up earlier to pump and schedule time in my work day to pump, it turns into a job.  And having 3 jobs is HARD WORK!  There is significantly less “down time” for the grown-ups in this house now because when Carson is napping, there is definitely something that needs to be done, be it showering for your second job, or getting your pumping gear together for your third job, so you can bring it to your second job….you can see where this is headed.   Where I was dreading weekends before, because it meant another week gone, now I cannot wait for them, because I have two full days with Carson.  Two full days of breastfeeding, two full days of normal length naps (Carson’s naps seem to be a little truncated at daycare)….ahhh….two full days!!!

Carson hit it out of the park this week though!  Eighteen weeks of refusing the bottle…resulted in him taking 3 ounces FROM THE BOTTLE on day one.  Yes, I said “bottle”, not “sippy cup”.  I KNOW, WTF RIGHT??  Today (Friday) he took 3 1/2 ounces in one feeding and 3 ounces in another.  FROM THE BOTTLE.  Guess I should have crossed that one off my list of things to worry about a long time ago.  Huh. 

I love daycare! Look how happy I am!

We are really looking forward to the nice weather this weekend.  Probably going to try the park with Little Man, maybe try a swing or two.  I didn’t think it was possible to appreciate the time I have with him anymore than I already did…but I was wrong.  I am soaking up every second I have because each one is precious.

How Do You Stop The Snowball?

10 Feb

Independent of all these snowstorms, there is a Texas-sized snowball rolling my way.  It is packed with a whole lot of anxiety, along with some fear, sadness, and guilt thrown in for good measure.  And I don’t know how to stop it.

While feel better about my work arrangements, and this is the best decision for us, it is still not my first decision.  And while the snowball is smaller than it was before the part-time decision, it is still HUGE and LOOMING.  I have a hard time admitting my vulnerability with this situation, but it is so all-encompassing that I have to. 

In 2 1/2 weeks, I will be dropping my son of at a virtual stranger’s house.  I don’t even think I need to elaborate on that situation to make it sound any worse, but I will.  He is not taking a bottle.  I am told that this happens.  I am told “We see this sometimes.  He will make it up with marathon feedings when he is back with you”.  Oh, I think, that doesn’t sound so bad.  “He won’t eat for seven hours?”, I ask.  They nod.  Huh.  “Will he be miserable?”, I ask.  “Yes, probably.”  OH.  So, he won’t starve, he will just be miserable for seven hours.  Ok, that doesn’t make me feel much better after all.

In my delusioned mind, my son was going to sleeping through the night when I went back to work.  I would be so well rested, it would be no problem.  Last night we had a rough night.  I was up from 12:30-2 a.m. and then Carson thought he might like to start his day at 5 a.m. instead of his usual 6:30-7:30.  At 5:30, the hubbs took Carson from me and ordered me back to bed, where I cried myself to sleep wondering how I would be able to have nights like this and then go to work for 7 a.m.

At this point, I feel lucky to be able to have a conversation with a grown-up and string together a few coherent sentences.  In two weeks, I am going to have to talk medical with people who are going to have to believe that I am, in fact, knowledgable and good at my job and not some tearful, blubbering fool.  I do not know how I am going to do it. 

My snowball is getting bigger and closer every day.

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