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I Run, Therefore I Am….A Runner!

13 Sep

I finished my final long run of my training for the Half Marathon yesterday.  Somehow in the past few months of training, I have transitioned my thoughts.  I don’t think you can run 13 miles and not call yourself a runner.  I used to hem and haw when someone would ask me “Are you a runner?”.  I would say “Well, I run, but I am not really a runner…”  Well, folks…you heard it here first.  I AM A RUNNER.

I find myself dreading the long run the day before it.  I have this double-digit run hanging over me.  But then I am out there–and I am enjoying myself!  I can’t believe it either…but I enjoy running for 2 hours!  I never, EVER thought those words would come out of my mouth.  It is nice because it is the ONLY two hours in the week that are mine, all mine.   At least 2 of my other 3 weekly runs include The Boy, which I also really enjoy but I don’t get to just turn off and have MY time.  I find that I love to be out on the quiet roads first thing in the morning.  I like running down the middle of the road with no one else in sight. 

I am truly amazed at where my feet can take me, both physically and mentally.  My feet take me places.  My feet take me up and down hills, my feet take me to other towns (it is always exciting to cross town lines with your feet!!), my feet take me a higher stream of consciousness.  My feet allow me to turn my brain off to everything else that consumes it for every other minute of the day.  My feet allow me to think through my problems.  My feet have transformed me.

I never  ever thought I would run anything longer than a 5K.  Even when I first “officially” announced my half marathon goal, I didn’t really believe myself.  And now here I am thinking that I might not enjoy running 5K’s anymore  because they are too short.  For once in my life, running isn’t about keeping in shape or getting in shape.  Running IS about doing things I didn’t know I was capable of doing.  Running IS about being a role model.  Running IS about being the healthiest woman I can be.  Running IS about keeping me sane.  Running IS about being the best Mommy I can be.  If it were not for my Little Man, I never would have set this goal.  I still would have been struggling though 5K’s telling people “…I’m just someone who runs…”.  I knew the birth of my first child would change me, but I never would have predicted it would have made me a runner!

The next obstacle I face is getting through the winter.  I will be the first to admit I have always been a fair-weather runner–which is easy to do in the summer.  New England winters are not for the recreational runner.  Will I make it through the winter?  Will I tough it out outside?  Will I plod through the cold on the treadmill?  It remains to be seen.  But the little person inside of me still says “You are not a real until you keep running through the winter”.

How ’bout you?  Do you run through the winter?  Tell me about it…  Also, any playlist suggestions for the Half?  Yes, I love to run, but I am not that crazy that I can listen to my footfalls for two hours.  Some people would say that doesn’t make me a true runner, but those people can suck it–Eminem makes me FAST!  🙂


Random Bullets

29 Jun

Ok, my life is getting fuller and fuller, busier and busier.  Between Mama and Wife and Physical Therapist, sometimes there is just not enough of me to go around.  Blogger has certainly taken a hit, with no help from summer, which has thankfully taken me away from the computer and into the yard, blow-up pool, or lakeside.  So, here’s another cop-out blog with a bulleted list of some of the thoughts bouncing around in my much too busy brain.

  • I am over half-way to the half-marathon distance and starting to wonder why I want to do this?  I mean really–run for nearly 2 hours?  But then each week I complete a longer run and am sort of amazed by myself.  Dare I say I am become addicted to running?  And after a 7 mile run this past weekend, I think I am getting closer to actually calling myself a “runner” instead of “someone who runs”.
  • Carson woke up from his nap on Sunday and  has finally decided he would like to start babbling, and it cracks me up.  I only wish I knew what he was saying, because he has a lot to talk about!!
  • The Hubbs is home with The Boy this summer.  He has a hard time being a stay-at-home Dad.  And I am having a harder and harder time that it is not me.  I am not a jealous person…but boy, I am now!!  It’s especially hard knowing that it’s not his first choice and it is mine. 
  • Does anyone have any good blueberry recipes?  Our bushes are exploding over here and I would like to do something other than just eat them plain.  Thanks!
  • A long time ago, years even, I wrote a blog called “Chimp Attack”.  For some reason, every week this continues to be my most read blog.  Today alone it has had 12 hits.  I am not even going to link to this blog, because I don’t want you to read it!  Find it yourself if you want to!!  I don’t know who these people are that are reading it, but they are searching every variation of chimp: scream chimp, screaming animal, angry chimp, chimp attack, chimpanzee, blah, blah, blah…  I think I want to delete this blog because it is grossly skewing my numbers.  But in the same regard, if I delete this blog, I am afraid my number will plummet…what to do??
  • Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary.  So much has changed in such a little time.  I am finally at a point in my life where I am more or less content with all I have.  Would I like to be a SAHM?  You betcha.  Would I like a bigger house?  Yup.  Would I give up what I have for those things?  Absolutely not.  I am one lucky mama and wife.
  • Why is there such a stigma with a baby that doesn’t sleep through the night?  Why is that the first question people ask you?  Why do I feel like I am being judged because I still get up in the middle of the night?  Why do I feel like lying when people ask me that? 
  • Speaking of which…I need to get to bed!!  Here’s a new pic of The Boy for you…sporting his summer duds and looking super cute!!


Very Intellectual! Reading my favorite book with my cuz, Connor!

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