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Please forgive me, I have been cheating on you with a one-year-old. And an iPhone.

3 Dec

Yeah…don’t worry–I’m alive.  I don’t know what to say for myself–other than I have a one-year-old now.  Oh, and an iPhone.  The one-year-old part is pretty self-explanatory, but I bet you are probably wondering about the iPhone part.  Well, here’s the thing–I don’t get on the computer as much now that I have my phone.  And unlike my bloggy friend Suzanne, who does whole blog posts from her iPhone, I just don’t have that kind of patience or dedication.  The bummer is I have missed some good blogging opportunities, what with Thanksgiving and all.  I am sure all of you are disappointed not to hear all the things I am thankful for….  I also have a review and giveaway to do that I have just been dragging my feet on.  Luckily the person I am reviewing for is a mom of a 14 month old, and probably understands where I am at better than most. 

So…what has been keeping me from my blog, you ask?  Or maybe you don’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyways.  You know how I love to throw some bullets at you when I haven’t been around for a while.

  • I don’t even think I have blogged since Carson started walking!  Jeez, it truly seems like he has been walking forever, and it has only bee about a month or so.  The walking definitely makes him even more of a Little Man.  He is pretty effiecient at it, with relatively few falls.  I expected him to be that way–I could tell he wasn’t going to walk until he was “good” at it.  While I am pretty sure he gets that from me, I hope he doesn’t let it hinder him from trying new things.  Unfortunately, I usually will not try new things if I think I will not be successful at them.  We’ll see how this unfolds as he continues to develop. 
  • This walking thing is a little bittersweet, because he almost never crawls anymore….and boy, I loved his little cock-eyed crawl. 

Yeah, that crawl is C-U-T-E. I miss it already!!
  •  Remember when I was all excited that I was a runner?  Yeah, I have no idea what the HELL happened there.  Well, actually I do…WINTER.  Which I know is just an excuse.  If I was a real runner, I would suck it up and get out there no matter what.  Unfortunately, I am not that comfortable running in the dark, which is what it comes down to some days.  Should I join the gym for the winter?  Probably.  The other problem is that I am coming to this critical point where my running has decreased and so has my nursing–which is not a good combination for my weight.  Ugh. 
  • Carson has slept through the night once!!  WOOT!!  Lately though, he goes down between 7-7:45 and sleeps til 4:30, when I bring him to bed with us.  I would let him cry a little–but when he comes to bed with me he has been sleeping until SEVEN A.M. OR LATER!!!  If I left him in the crib, I would probably get to sleep til 6.  That extra hour or two is too wonderful to pass up.  Plus, I am not going to lie to you–I love, love, LOVE cuddling up in bed with him.  I love opening my eyes and seeing his cute little face all tucked up next to me.
  • We are still nursing.  I think now that he isn’t nursing in the night, he wants it more in the day.  Not necessarily more often–but when he wants his milk, he wants is NOW.  He will ask to nurse and I will tell him “You know if you nurse that means nigh-nights” (because I am trying to get some kind of nursing routine rather than being an all-day milk buffet), so then he signs that he wants to go to bed.  I have been trying to stick to that, even if I don’t think he is tired–but you know what?  Every time he asks for milk and to go to sleep, he does!  I am proud of him that he is becoming a good sleeper and is able to tell me when he is ready for bed.
  • How does he tell me these things?  He signs ALOT of stuff.  He has words too, but holy moly–I am truly amazed by the signing.  I cannot imagine not having it.  I don’t know the levels of frustration that would be going on in this house with both of us if he wasn’t able to communicate what he wanted or what he was thinking.  I am going to brag a little right now, so deal with it…he correctly understands and uses all of these signs: eat, more, all done, cookie, banana, music, cat, dog, bird, bath, toothbrush, outside, play, help, please, thank you, ball, book, shoes, dad, drink, sleep, light, fan, swing, sit…I think I may be forgetting some. The really amazing part is that he is starting to string signs together– “more cookie”, “more ball” and so on.  I am truly amazed at what a little one-year old can understand.  And using sign language really sheds a glaring light on what a child is capable of if you can tap into it with the right tools.  And while I am bragging, he also knows where his head, eyes, nose and belly is.  Oh, and his penis too.  You know, the important stuff.
  • I thought getting into the drop your kid off at daycare, go to work, pick your kid up routine would get easier the more we did it…but it doesn’t.  I still get really sad some days when I have to leave him.  I think as he gets older and is more fun every day, it actually gets harder.  I just LOVE being with him, playing with him, making him laugh.  I am grateful that he is does such a good job at “school” or it would definitely be too much for me to handle!
  • Lastly (and I hope this doesn’t read wrong…), every time I hear about a child with an illness or a disability or special needs I literally think how lucky I am.  I truly feel lucky every day that I have a happy, healthy little boy who does not have to struggle through his day.  I could very easily make myself cry thinking about how different our lives could be if we weren’t so lucky.  We are a blessed, blessed family.

Really? I cannot even stand it. I know, I know--he's my kid--but damn, he is seriously the most adorable kid I have ever seen. 🙂 LOVE!!!


Birthday–Take TWO!

1 Nov

(“Take TWO” because I tried to post this yesterday, but somewhere between hitting “Save Draft” and the process of actually saving, 75% of this post disappeared into the black abyss of the interwebs.  I am going to try to put as much love into it the second time around…)    

It has been a big week around these parts, what with a big birthday, the one-year check-up, and a few good days of single-motherhood.  I do have a lot to talk about, but not a lot of time to do the talking…so, let’s start with a birthday post and go from there!     

So, being the mom of the birthday boy AND the photographer is not a good combination.  I did not come close to getting the quantity or the quality of pictures I was hoping for to document the big day.  I have decided I need one set of extra hands and I could really get most things done on my own.  Also, while I am no photographer I do try my best and I have been feeling more limited with my camera lately.  I think now that Carson is moving SO MUCH, I am not able to get as good quality pictures as when he was a relatively stationary object.  Oh, and also I am addicted to my new iPhone like crack, so I tend to take a bunch more pictures on that now.  And with a non-stop baby (toddler??), I also don’t have as much time to do any post-production editing.  Anyhow, a new camera is definitely not in the budget right now…soo…here are the few pictures of the party I do have (I definitely need to get better at taking more pictures of everyone and realizing that the whole world doesn’t revolve around my child…)    

Sorta like Christmas morning...opening birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy!


My awesome birthday shirt that I loved so, so, soooo much


Check it! Coolest. Shirt. Ever.


(If you like that shirt, you can buy it here.  I love everything about it, and so does Carson, which is what really matters.  When I say he loves it, I mean it…he likes to cuddle it and kisses it and hugs it…)    

My Gigi made my monkey cake!


Oh yeah, cupcakes too!!!


Do you love these? I sure do!!


 (Like that “Carson is ONE” banner up there?  How bout the cupcake toppers?  You can buy them here.  I also got super duper cute invites and thank you cards from the same place.  Wanna see?  Well, I’ll show you the invites…the Thank You’s haven’t gone out yet and I don’t want to steal my own thunder!)   

Cannot. Even. Stand. The Cuteness. Seriously, sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the cuteness of my own child, I can't even take it. Is that ridiculous, or what?


Check out my custom-made bunting up there!!


  (Like that bunting?  Well, I just may be able to get you one of your own, stay tuned!!  I’ll show you more pictures and stuff, too!)   

Carson's 12 month picture bunting!


The other end!!


(I am a moron and FORGOT to take a picture of this hanging up.  It is still hanging up, but I haven’t gotten back to the MIL’s to take a picture and I didn’t want to hold out on you guys any longer.  I LOVED this banner, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it.  Maybe because I made it?  From scratch?  Right from my head?  Like, I didn’t copy this from anyone else, I thought of it and made it all on my own…  And it was super cute.  Unfortunately it didn’t quite get displayed like I would have liked it too, but when someone else is hosting your party out of the wonderful graciousness of their heart, you don’t complain!  🙂  I mean that too, that is not some passive-aggressive attack, I swear.  Do you want a 12 month picture bunting of your own?  Hit me up, maybe I can make one for you.  Maybe that should be my new business…)  

What the...??


(See that girl right there?  That is Carson’s friend Emily and she is proof that there were other people at the party.  There was also that other headless person there, who I think might be Gigi.  But seriously, this wasn’t some big production with no other people, I swear.  Just because I didn’t photodocument it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.)   



(Like that cake?  Too bad!  Because unless you have the best Gigi in the world, you cannot have it!)    

Absolutely Irresistable!!

I had to make that pic bigger than the rest…because Goodness Gracious, look at that Little Man.  I love him!   


p.s. Screw you, WordPress for making this blog post much harder than it needed to be.  You ate 75% of my original post and then just randomly deleted pictures that you apparently thought didn’t belong here the second time around, but kept all the captions and mushed them together into one big caption on one picture.  Great idea!  My time is very limited and I cannot afford extra time to try to figure out what the eff you are doing to try to sabotoge my blog.  Please knock it off.  Thanks.   

Carson–One Year Smilebox

26 Oct
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Dear Carson: ONE YEAR!!

23 Oct

Dear Carson–

You are big ONE YEAR OLD!  My brain is grappling with where the time went.  It is so bittersweet, because I can’t help thinking if this year went so fast, what is going to happen with all your other years?  I can honestly say, though, that I feel like I cherished each and every minute of this first year. 

I have spent a lot of time thinking back to this day last year.  I came home from work on a Thursday night not thinking much about your arrival.  I was thinking more about the fact that Friday (your birthday) was to be my last day of work.  I was thinking about the supposed 2 weeks of time off I had before you came and all the things I wanted to do.  Then I woke up at midnight…with contractions!  You couldn’t wait to join us, and nine hours later our lives were forever changed for the better (I will spare you the rest of the details).   It is so funny to me that I walked into the hospital one person and left a completely different, and better person.

You are spent the last year developing into the most amazing little man I have ever met.  I can’t believe what you are capable of, physically and mentally.  At this point, you are like a little human sponge.  I can teach you a new sign nearly every day or every other day and you are using it correctly.  Some people laugh at using sign language, but if we didn’t do it, I wouldn’t know anything that was going on in that little head of yours.  Because of signing, I know when you are hungry, when you want milk, I know that you love to listen to the birds outside…I know that there is so much going on with you that I otherwise would not be privy too.  It has definitely opened up my eyes to what you are capable of and how aware of your surroundings you are. 

I know that it was your Daddy’s and my decision to bring you into this world…but I honestly cannot thank you enough for coming.  You have taught me to be a better person.  You have taught me the real meaning of true love.  You have taught me that the world around me is a pretty cool place if I stop to look.  You have taught me to be more understanding and less judgemental.  You have taught me that I am capable of so much more than I ever knew.  You have taught me to believe in myself and my decisions–you are living proof that I am making the right choices everyday. 

You have absolutely blown my world away.  I love you so much for being you and for all you bring to me and your Daddy.  My heart is too small to contain my love.  I truly cannot wait to see what the next year will bring.  I know you will continue to amaze me and make me proud every single day.

I love you, I love you, I love you,


One Year Old Birthday Parties…

6 Sep

Carson has A LOT of friends.  He is very popular.  (READ: We have a lot of friends with kids Carson’s age).  I used to dread kid birthday parties, but I have taken a total 180 on this, and now I thoroughly enjoy them.  That being said, I have taken a different approach to one-year-old gift giving.  As in, I do not do it.  I don’t really know what my friends think about this.  Here’s my thoughts on it–When I see a giant pile of gifts for a one-year-old, I don’t think I need to contribute to it.  What does a one-year-old TRULY NEED?  Not much, I can tell you that.  Also, a one-year-old is not going to know what I am bringing or not bringing to their party.  I am the first to admit that the one-year-old birthday party is primarily about the mother.  Not the father, or even the one-year-old.  It is about the mom.  I think it is a celebration that you made it through the crucial first year. 

Anyways, back to the gift-giving…What I have decided to do instead of traditional gift giving is give a donation to a charity that is a good fit for the one-year-old’s family.  I feel good about this decision.  At a recent birthday party I went to, I donated to Autism Speaks because I know that this is an important charity to this family.  The nice thing is that an e-card is delivered to the family saying a donation was made in the child’s name. 

As the kids get older, I will definitely give gifts.  But for now, I truly feel that rather than adding to a pile of gifts, donating to a charity is a better way to celebrate making it through one year with a happy, healthy child.  I’m curious to know what you think?

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