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14 Feb

(bonus points to anyone who can guess what that word is in Carson-speak…no reading ahead!!)

So, I should be feeding my kid good, balanced meals, right?  Let’s review the weekend.


Breakfast: Appetizer of shared Nutri-grain bar and banana (appetizer because he grazes off mom-EE or da-DA)

Oatmeal (this is probably one of the best things he eats–and I make a good oatmeal.  Seriously–oats, whole milk, handful of raisins.  Microwave 2 minutes…add couple of spoonfuls of unsweetened applesauce and you have oatmeal that tastes better and is better for you that the pre-packaged flavored kind)

Morning snack spurred on by “EEE” which clearly means “Eat”.  Well, clearly when accompanied by the sign for “eat”:   “O-gurrr!!”  Anyone?  Anyone?  Duh, yogurt.  He is ADDICTED to yogurt.  Thank god, because otherwise who the heck knows what else he would eat.  He LOVES Chobani Champions yogurt, which is greek yogurt for kids.

Lunch: Peanut butter rye toast.  Unfortunately my cravings for rye toast don’t carry over to Carson and he crushes the toast into tiny pieces and throws them all on the floor.  Making the mistake of asking him what he wants, he says “o-gurr”.  Of course.  But really–I’m running out of ideas, so…sure…here’s some yogurt.  Since he doesn’t drink milk because it is the most horrible thing that has ever passed his lips (cow’s milk, almond milk AND rice milk), I guess he could use a little extra dairy!  For dessert?  The super nutritious S’mores flavored Goldfish.  I don’t know why I ever bought these for my kid, but I better not think of stopping any time soon.

Afternoon snack: “ohhh”  Cheerios in the snack catcher.  Which means 50% end up on the floor.  And then you step on them.  And crush them into a million tiny pieces.

Dinner: Leftover cheesy pasta (pasta, butter, parmesan shake cheese…you know, super nutritious) from Friday night.  The reason it is left over is because he didn’t eat it on Friday night.  I don’t know why I tried.  In the mouth….out of the mouth.  Ugh, how bout some yogurt?  “O-gurrr!”  mmmK, great.  Yogurt it is.  And how ’bout S’mores Goldfish while we are at it.

Sunday: Well, really…just see Saturday.

Some of you are probably like “feed your kid some vegetables”.  Why don’t you come over and try?  What I didn’t tell you about was the cucumbers we tried on Sunday that he spit out and then threw on the floor.  Because things he doesn’t eat cannot EVER stay on the tray.  That would be crazy.  Anyhow, take out “cucumber” and insert any vegetable and you will get the same response.

So, I just keep feeding my kid o-gurr.  Because otherwise he might starve to death.  Well, I guess he would always have S’mores Goldfish.

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