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Bloggy Catchup

5 Oct

Phew, I have not blogged in a looooong time.  Forgive me, my few hoardes of faithful readers.  As I mentioned in my last little blurb, life is crazy busy with an almost-one-year-old.  Speaking of an almost-one-year-old, does any care to tell me where the last year has gone so quickly?  I have no idea, and it boggles my mind.  Here is some of what’s been going on lately:

  • The Boy is on the brink of walking.  Thisclose.  I mean it.  He will do one or two steps on his own, but really only to me.  He will definitely be walking by his first birthday.  And then you may never hear from me again.
  • I hate viruses.  It’s obviously a no-brainer that you would hate something that renders your happy and energetic child totally and utterly motionless, crying, and moaning in your arms.  It was hard to see him like that, my own 20 pound (I hope!  God, this kid is a peanut) little radiator.  But at least you know there is an end in sight.  The havoc that it has wreaked on the sleep cycles of 2 of the 3 people in this house is truly mind boggling.  The Boy, clearly no Dummie, was much happier sleeping on me, with me, over me, under me and through me than he is sleeping alone.  The Dreaded Virus has left questionable nap lengths and every-two-hour- wakeups-at-night in its wake.  While someone who shall remain nameless sleeps soundly, I have been getting up more times than my friends with newborns.  It is brutal.  (Commence your whispering…YES, my 11 month old doesn’t sleep through the night…and YES I still nurse him at night…and YES I know I should “just let him cry”…and YES I never thought I would be the mom with the 11 month old that doesn’t sleep…and YES I am tired…and YES go ahead and be all judgy about me…).  Let me just say that when you are the ONLY one who does the nighttime parenting, trying to get your child to sleep through the night is a very lonely process.  You question your every decision.  When the other half throws up his hands because “he doesn’t want me”, you may think your very head is going to explode off of your shoulders.  It is hard, truly, truly hard.  But, on a bright note…last night I let The Boy cry (my little heart cannot bear more than about 10-15 minutes of it…), and twice he was back to sleep within 5 minutes!  YESSSSSSSSSSS!!  So, last night I only got up twice.  I will not tell you that the second time I brought him to bed with me at4:30 a.m., lest you get all judgy again.
  • This weeks weather is killing me…rain, rain, rain…and oh yeah, RAIN.  How’s a Mama to run in weather like this?  I MUST purchase The BOB weather shield.  Not sure how much The Boy is going enjoy it…but  I haven’t run since Sunday (it’s only Tuesday, I KNOW) and I am crawling out of my skin.  Also, is it bad that that the only thing I think I am going to put on my Christmas list is running gear?  I need winter stuff.  If anyone loves my blog so much, that you would like to buy me a gift to thank me for helping you waste your time/cope with the travails of motherhood/run, please send me a Dick’s gift card.  Or Road Runner Sports.  Or a Garmin Watch.  Yeah.  Any of those would be great.
  • So, we will be easily making it to the year mark with breastfeeding.  I am not sure when we will start working on the weaning process.  I know what The Boy would say if you asked him: “Ummm, like, NEVER?”  This kid LOVES the boob.  Loves, loves, LOVES.  I don’t know how much I can stress this in order for you to fully understand the magnitude of his adoration.  I will tell you this–the other night I fell asleep in the chair nursing him and woke up FORTY MINUTES LATER, when he finally unlatched.  Now, I am no expert but I am pretty sure Lefty doesn’t have forty minutes of milk in her…which means he was just sleeping on the boob because he loves it so much.  I know that I said he doesn’t need birthday presents, but if someone wants to make him a shirt that says “I heart boobs”, he will wear it with pride.  Seriously, I have no idea how I will ever get this child to break up with his first true love.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now folks.  Like I said, there are big things coming up.  Also, I am still going to try to get an 11 month Smilebox together, so I will try to post that, just pretend it is 2 weeks ago when you watch it!

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