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Battle of the Bottle (Part Deux)

19 Feb

Ok, I am ten days away from returning to work and I will say it–the Bottle has won.  We have quit.  The hubbs has quit.  I have quit.  Carson has quit.  The Bottle won.  The MIL was pretty much ready to abduct my son this weekend to put him into Bottle Bootcamp because we all quit.  I don’t think she would have cared that much, except she is watching him 2 days a week. 

But what’s this (cue shining beacon of light with angel music playing)?  Something wonderful has swooped down and saved the day.  What could that be, you ask yourself?  It is my savior, and his name is Tommee Tippee.  No, it is not a bottle.  My little man did not, apparently, want to be treated like a baby.  He did not want the bottle.  He wanted to drink like a MAN–out of a cup.  All this time I have been insulting him with the bottle.  Turns out all those cries could be translated to “Give me a cup, woman!!”.  Huh.  Who knew?  Again, I am not the mommy blogger who gets stuff for free, so I went to Babies R’ Us and BOUGHT (do you hear me Tommee Tippee??) me a sippy cup.  Here is my letter to my new love, Tommee Tippee.

Dear Tommee Tippee–
I love you.  I love you so much. 

No, just kidding.  Here is my real letter:

Dear Tommee Tippee,
I love you.  I love you so much.  My 4-month old will be going to daycare in 10 days.  He has, in his short life, developed quite love for the breast.  Conversely, he hates the bottle.  We have tried every bottle in the Northern hemisphere.  By the time we got to you, dear Tommee, we had quit the bottle.  We thought we would try the sippy cup.  You have the only sippy cup for 4 month olds and we bought it with little hope.  Well, dear, sweet Tommee Tippee, my son has drunk 4 ounces of milk out of that sacred chalice  since yesterday.  I would also like to clarify the work “drunk”.  By drunk, I actually mean swallow.  I do not mean collect in his mouth maybe to be swallowed or maybe to slowly leak out of his mouth, down into his neck folds, never to be seen again.  He drank breast milk from something other than my breast!!  (I will not even get into the bittersweet-ness of that statement!) You have lifted one piece of significant stress off the already anxiety-laden doomsday of returning to work.  I no longer have to worry that my son may starve to death while I am off making enough money to keep this family afloat.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Hugs and tongue kisses,

**down at the bottom here is where people write things like “I did not receive compensation for this blog.  I did receive free product to assist in this review.  This is my own opinion, blah-de-blah-de-blah.”  Again, I would like to state I BOUGHT THIS FOR MYSELF AND I AM STILL PROMOTING THIS PRODUCT.  JUST LIKE I DO WITH EVERYTHING I PROMOTE.  AND ANYTIME ANYONE WANTS TO START GIVING ME FREE STUFF, FEEL FREE.**

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