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7 Feb


My lovely sister-in-law!!

My lovely sister-in-law!!

My sister-in-law felt a little slighted that in a list of 100 Things About Me I mentioned myself (obviously), my husband (duh), my in-laws, my sisters, my bestie, but not her.  So here, as promised, is a blog All About Amy!

I met Amy in college my freshman year.  I crossed team lines and was a soccer player hanging out  with the track team…oh, the scandal!  Apparently we weren’t very good friends then, because Amy had a party at her house and I wasn’t invited.  So, the fated love match between me and her brother was delayed.  This was probably for the better at that point, believe me!

Amy was my roommate sophomore year, but oddly we both travelled in different circles and I still didn’t meet her brother.  Throughout the rest of college we hung out here and there and I always loved being with her.  

It was in July of 2002 when I had been talking to her about setting me up with someone.  I was the happy single girl after the year long process of break-up and I was ready to actually “date”, something I had never done.  We had discussed various guys she knew.  We were at our college roomie’s Jack & Jill/Bachelorette Party where I was volunteered to run home with her to expedite her packing process for the big night out in Providence.  This was when I met her brother and the course of my life as I knew it changed forever (I am putting a false sense of drama on the event).

Is this turning into a “How I Met My Husband” blog?  OOPS!  But seriously, if it wasn’t for her…

So, I met Chris.  I told her he was cute, and didn’t think anything more of it then.  (But I really REALLY thought he was good looking!!).  We went on our merry way and 2 days later she called and told me he wanted my number.  The rest, as they say, is history.  And I think that first date is what shifted Amy and I from the type of friends who talk every now and again to something more.

Here we are six and half years after that fateful day… and I couldn’t be happier that Amy is now my sister-in-law.  And for those of you that don’t know her, your life is missing something wonderful.  While I don’t have the time and/or energy to give you 100 Things About Amy, I will give you what I can:

  • Amy will do anything that she is capable of doing for you.
  • Before she got herself knocked up, Amy was always the girl you went to to go out with you.  She is always up for a good time!
  • Amy is very protective of her family.  Especially if she is drunk or pregnant (must be the hormones). 
  • Amy is a good listener.  Anyone who lets you cry and complain about their own family members should get a medal.
  • Amy thinks I am funny.  Which is true.  I’m glad she gets it.
  • Amy is beautiful.
  • Amy pees herself a little when she coughs.
  • Amy is going to kill me that I just told everyone that.  Please don’t forget about the knocked up part.  I told her I would use whatever she told me the other night against her.  I read her her rights.
  • Amy is really cute pregnant.  I asked her to send a picture.  If she does, I will post it so you can all see for yourself.

    So cute!!

    So cute!!

  • No matter how much room there is in a room, Amy will always sit right next to me as close as possible because she loves me so much.
  • Amy works with children with special needs, and she is so wonderful at it.  
  • Amy can always light up a room.
  • Amy will be a wonderful mother.
  • Amy is my personal fashion consultant.  You think I am brutally honest?  Amy will not hold back when it comes to clothes.  This doesn’t usually carry over to the food-in-teeth, fly-down type stuff like I am good for.
  • Amy can put on a good “girlie-girl” front, but deep down, she is down to earth and moderately tom-boyish.  Which works out well, because if she was really girlie we obviously wouldn’t be able to hang out.
  • Although she understands that she will never be my BEST bestie (it is hard when the front runner has been in the role for 27 years), she is one of my very best friends and it is just a bonus that she is my s-i-l.
  • Amy could be solely responsible for my life going down the road that it has.  Without her, who knows how my life would be different.  And because of her, I have the best husband (no he didn’t drug me prior to writing this…), the best sister-in-law, and the best in-laws a girl could ask for.

There are so many more things, but if you know Amy, you know them already.  If you don’t know Amy, you are missing out.

Anyone else feeling slighted?  I will give you your own blog too, because I love my friends and would love an excuse to tell you so!

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