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Please forgive me, I have been cheating on you with a one-year-old. And an iPhone.

3 Dec

Yeah…don’t worry–I’m alive.  I don’t know what to say for myself–other than I have a one-year-old now.  Oh, and an iPhone.  The one-year-old part is pretty self-explanatory, but I bet you are probably wondering about the iPhone part.  Well, here’s the thing–I don’t get on the computer as much now that I have my phone.  And unlike my bloggy friend Suzanne, who does whole blog posts from her iPhone, I just don’t have that kind of patience or dedication.  The bummer is I have missed some good blogging opportunities, what with Thanksgiving and all.  I am sure all of you are disappointed not to hear all the things I am thankful for….  I also have a review and giveaway to do that I have just been dragging my feet on.  Luckily the person I am reviewing for is a mom of a 14 month old, and probably understands where I am at better than most. 

So…what has been keeping me from my blog, you ask?  Or maybe you don’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyways.  You know how I love to throw some bullets at you when I haven’t been around for a while.

  • I don’t even think I have blogged since Carson started walking!  Jeez, it truly seems like he has been walking forever, and it has only bee about a month or so.  The walking definitely makes him even more of a Little Man.  He is pretty effiecient at it, with relatively few falls.  I expected him to be that way–I could tell he wasn’t going to walk until he was “good” at it.  While I am pretty sure he gets that from me, I hope he doesn’t let it hinder him from trying new things.  Unfortunately, I usually will not try new things if I think I will not be successful at them.  We’ll see how this unfolds as he continues to develop. 
  • This walking thing is a little bittersweet, because he almost never crawls anymore….and boy, I loved his little cock-eyed crawl. 

Yeah, that crawl is C-U-T-E. I miss it already!!
  •  Remember when I was all excited that I was a runner?  Yeah, I have no idea what the HELL happened there.  Well, actually I do…WINTER.  Which I know is just an excuse.  If I was a real runner, I would suck it up and get out there no matter what.  Unfortunately, I am not that comfortable running in the dark, which is what it comes down to some days.  Should I join the gym for the winter?  Probably.  The other problem is that I am coming to this critical point where my running has decreased and so has my nursing–which is not a good combination for my weight.  Ugh. 
  • Carson has slept through the night once!!  WOOT!!  Lately though, he goes down between 7-7:45 and sleeps til 4:30, when I bring him to bed with us.  I would let him cry a little–but when he comes to bed with me he has been sleeping until SEVEN A.M. OR LATER!!!  If I left him in the crib, I would probably get to sleep til 6.  That extra hour or two is too wonderful to pass up.  Plus, I am not going to lie to you–I love, love, LOVE cuddling up in bed with him.  I love opening my eyes and seeing his cute little face all tucked up next to me.
  • We are still nursing.  I think now that he isn’t nursing in the night, he wants it more in the day.  Not necessarily more often–but when he wants his milk, he wants is NOW.  He will ask to nurse and I will tell him “You know if you nurse that means nigh-nights” (because I am trying to get some kind of nursing routine rather than being an all-day milk buffet), so then he signs that he wants to go to bed.  I have been trying to stick to that, even if I don’t think he is tired–but you know what?  Every time he asks for milk and to go to sleep, he does!  I am proud of him that he is becoming a good sleeper and is able to tell me when he is ready for bed.
  • How does he tell me these things?  He signs ALOT of stuff.  He has words too, but holy moly–I am truly amazed by the signing.  I cannot imagine not having it.  I don’t know the levels of frustration that would be going on in this house with both of us if he wasn’t able to communicate what he wanted or what he was thinking.  I am going to brag a little right now, so deal with it…he correctly understands and uses all of these signs: eat, more, all done, cookie, banana, music, cat, dog, bird, bath, toothbrush, outside, play, help, please, thank you, ball, book, shoes, dad, drink, sleep, light, fan, swing, sit…I think I may be forgetting some. The really amazing part is that he is starting to string signs together– “more cookie”, “more ball” and so on.  I am truly amazed at what a little one-year old can understand.  And using sign language really sheds a glaring light on what a child is capable of if you can tap into it with the right tools.  And while I am bragging, he also knows where his head, eyes, nose and belly is.  Oh, and his penis too.  You know, the important stuff.
  • I thought getting into the drop your kid off at daycare, go to work, pick your kid up routine would get easier the more we did it…but it doesn’t.  I still get really sad some days when I have to leave him.  I think as he gets older and is more fun every day, it actually gets harder.  I just LOVE being with him, playing with him, making him laugh.  I am grateful that he is does such a good job at “school” or it would definitely be too much for me to handle!
  • Lastly (and I hope this doesn’t read wrong…), every time I hear about a child with an illness or a disability or special needs I literally think how lucky I am.  I truly feel lucky every day that I have a happy, healthy little boy who does not have to struggle through his day.  I could very easily make myself cry thinking about how different our lives could be if we weren’t so lucky.  We are a blessed, blessed family.

Really? I cannot even stand it. I know, I know--he's my kid--but damn, he is seriously the most adorable kid I have ever seen. 🙂 LOVE!!!


New Baby Tricks!

17 Jun

Ok, my kid knows sign language*!!  And I, single-handedly, taught it to him because the hubbs “doesn’t understand the point”.  Yup.  So, next time Carson signs “more” to him, he can just pretend that he doesnt know what he wants, mmmmK??

*Yes, I know it looks like clapping, and to the untrained eye, it might be.  But trust the mama.  It is “more“. 

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